March 03 2016

How To Improve Your Business Website in 5 Minutes

Naeesa Aziz

Confused about whether your site is “just fine” or needs a little “fine tuning”?

Well here’s a little exercise. Find a new customer, friend, or neutral party who isn’t familiar with your site. Get out a watch or start up the stopwatch function on your cell phone and get ready to give your website a test.



With the timer running, open your site. In one scroll through, have your tester ask him/herself these 5 questions. Each should take no longer than one minute to answer:

  1. Did the webpage take more than 4 seconds to load?
  2. Are you confused about how to make a purchase/appointment/inquiry?
  3. Are you confused about what they are selling?
  4. Is it unclear who is selling it?
  5. Did you have to press play or stop on any content before getting started?

If your tester answered “yes” to two or more of the questions, contact me so we can discuss how to improve your website.


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