March 03 2016

How to Choose The Right Social Media Sites for Your Business

Naeesa Aziz

The ever-growing array of social media sites can make building and managing your business’ social presence maddening. Here is a field guide to some of the most popular social media outlets, that should help you choose the right mix for your business.


Who is this for: Everyone

How to use this: Share, share, share, and (when it makes sense) pay for ads and boost posts to help ensure a further reach.


Who is this for: Pretty much anyone doing anything

How to use this: Engage with followers by sharing relevant content, hosting “chats” and conversations, contributing to existing dialogues, and communicating directly with followers. Oh, and tweet all the time. Twitter is like a chat room that never turns off.


Who is this for: Image heavy brands. Think beauty, fashion, food and personalities. If you can convey ideas about your business with creative photography and minimal words, go crazy on Instagram.

How to use this: Post photos or short videos twice daily or more. Instagram takes advantage of users’ zombie-like impulse to just scroll, scroll, scroll…and the more you can make an impression on the minds of followers the better.


Who is this for: Image heavy brands again. Beauty, fashion, food and personalities. Bloggers can also get great mileage out of making catchy, pin-able graphics that link to their posts.

How to use this: Pin OFTEN. While users can find your content by searching relevant terms, Pinterest is another scroll dependent platform, so she who pins the most, usually gets the most views.


Who is this for: Bloggers and businesses alike; anyone making tutorials or who has lots of video content to share.

How to use this: Post once or twice a week, and as always, try to keep content super timely and relevant.


Who is this for: Businesses seeking talent, recruiters, and job seekers seem to get the most mileage out of LinkedIn

How to use this: For businesses: maintain a company page and encourage your employees to stay connected (and appropriate). For individuals: create and maintain a personal page, connect with colleagues past, present, and future – and above all, keep it cute. LinkedIn also allows you to share relevant articles and links that help raise your visibility among your network.


Who is this for: Brands, bloggers, and businesses.

How to use this: Post articles, photos, and videos as you would on Facebook




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