I'm sensitive
'bout my $#*t!
-Erykah Badu

The Virtues of Slacking Off

Right now, I’m at a coffee shop in my neighborhood with my shoeless feet up in a chair, sipping a $4 iced coffee and eating a $5 shard of chocolate mush called a gluten-free brownie. 
My baby is at home with his nanny (read: my college-age cousin) and I...

March 21, 2017

Blog-sistential Crisis

A few weeks ago I attended the Atlanta Writer’s Conference and it was there that I learned that my blog is dumb and boring and that I shouldn’t bother writing it because no-one will ever want to read it. 
Okay, so, that’s not exactly what ha...

March 11, 2017

Elegy for Ashley Gammon

I first met Ashley Gammon sometime around 1989 at Storman-Stufflin, an all-Black elementary school off of Chambers Rd. in St. Louis. We were both students in Mrs. Turnage’s kindergarten class, and although we weren’t yet friends, I can still clearly remember Ashley’s pretty dres...

January 08, 2017

Sleep Schedules and Submission Calendars

My 6-month-old is lying beside me screaming as I try to “get back into” Manuscript #1. It is 9:41 pm on a Wednesday. By all accounts of normalcy and decency in probably every country on earth, a child of his age should be fast asleep right now. He is not. He wants my attention and wan...

January 06, 2017

I won Nano and now I don’t write No Mo

So, this year, I finally finished a Nanowrimo - the month-long challenge to write 50,000 words (or a very short first draft of a novel). Writing at such a feverish pace takes a lot out of a gal and  now, deep into December, I haven’t so much as looked at that first draft that I toile...

December 27, 2016