March 11 2017

Blog-sistential Crisis

Naeesa Aziz

A few weeks ago I attended the Atlanta Writer’s Conference and it was there that I learned that my blog is dumb and boring and that I shouldn’t bother writing it because no-one will ever want to read it. 
Okay, so, that’s not exactly what happened. 
What actually happened is that I attended the social media segment, led by prolific writer and amazing internet monetizer person Chuck Sambuchino. While running down the virtues of each type of digital resource available to writers, he blithely mentioned that a blog about one’s writing process get’s boring really quickly. 
My jaw dropped. 
Because that’s exactly what this very blog is about. I thought, "how did I not think of this obvious fact before?” and "what else have I been deluding myself about?” For sure, I realize that this outlet is more for me — giving me a free place to air out my procrastination and neuroses — but everyone that posts things online hopes that, at some point, someone will read it and be so rapt that they are unable to stop reading.
Even one of my favorite author blogs that I used to read mixed in actual, useful information with information about her writing process and family life.
I have a few ideas about how to add super useful, interesting content, but all I can think about is how much extra time that will take and also how much extra time I don’t have.
I wanted to raise my hand right there and ask, “Um, how do you create volumes of interesting, revenue-generating blog content if you can barely find the time to shower each day with all of your current commitments?” But before I could think about being annoying enough to ask that in a room full of people, Chuck had an answer for that too: just suck it up and get it done.  Again, not an exact quote, but you get the point. 


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