December 27 2016

I won Nano and now I don’t write No Mo

Naeesa Aziz

So, this year, I finally finished a Nanowrimo - the month-long challenge to write 50,000 words (or a very short first draft of a novel). Writing at such a feverish pace takes a lot out of a gal and  now, deep into December, I haven’t so much as looked at that first draft that I toiled over day after day. 
I’m especially proud of my nano win because this time around, I had a 5 month old baby to care for 24/7 and he is relentless in his quest to claw at my face, grab for the keyboard, and cry when I even think about putting him down.
However, after my triumph of a November, I couldnt bear to continue this December. I feel mentally exhausted and this scares me because I want writing novels to be my life's work. I want to write many things and I want to do it quickly ... so what's the deal with December?  


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Koby Wacky

Ritalin. It's stronger than adderall.

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