April 01 2016

Pinterest Gives Brands a New Way to Engage With How-To Pins

Naeesa Aziz

The social platform best known for the crafty ideas shared by its users has developed a clever new pin of its own: the How-To.
Imagine this: you're up late one night gathering ideas for your DIY bookshelf project, and you see a photo that looks just perfect. You click on the pin, hoping for further guidance, and the blog post from whence the shelf came is no longer live. Bummer.
Well, Pinterest hopes to change that experience and help generate revenue through ad based content with the How-To pin. This new format allows brands to give step-by-step, visual instructions inside each pin, and allows users to view and share the full instructions for the How-To without ever leaving Pinterest for an external site. The initial launch of the How-To pin is open to just over 25 brands and organizations, however, it seems that in the future, there may be opportunities for small business owners and brand influencers to utilize the function as well. Until then, we'll be watching and taking notes on how the new pins fare among die-hard Pinterest users; shelf-makers and bread-bakers alike. 
Source: TechCrunch



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Koby Sackey

Interesting. How might I leverage this to gain traction for my website or app?