March 01 2016

Quick Fixes For Your Ugly Website

Naeesa Aziz

I know, ugly is such harsh word. But I didn’t say it, they did – your customers, your clients, your vendors. While an ugly website might get the job done (emphasis on might), your first impression with the public should be a remarkable one. Not one that makes people wince and struggle to think of how nice you are to excuse your terrible website.

If you think your site may be an offender, here are a few quick things you may be able to fix easily:

  1. Check your font

Tiny fonts that make people squint or zoom in are a no. So are formal-looking serif fonts like Times New Roman, in most cases.

  1. Turn off the music

Opening a webpage and being bombarded by a blast of your favorite musical selection is a no. Not necessarily a visual concern, but definitely an aesthetic one. Turn off the music and give visitors the option to press play.

  1. Stop the streaming

Certainly not as bad as music on autoplay, but having too many embedded social media feeds can also kill the vibe and make your website way too busy and confusing. If you are a super social-heavy business, stick to one social stream and make it count.

  1. Delete some text

A page with a thousand words is worth nothing, because people will scroll to the bottom without reading a word and then navigate away. Try to edit some of your text down and if you run into trouble, call me.

  1. Simplify your top nav

If you have ten or more items in your top navigation bar, slice that number in half and make things easier on your visitors.

  1. Revive your blog

Do you have a link that reads “blog” with no content posted? Not a great look. Blogs can be a great way to drive traffic to your site, increase brand awareness, and personalize your company. If you’ve been slacking on your blogging, find a realistic schedule for posting that ensures you can get some content up at regular intervals. Or give me a call.



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