March 03 2016

Why Should I Pay For Social Media?

Naeesa Aziz

I don’t know you yet and I don’t know what your business is, but I can almost guarantee your customers are using social.

And if they aren’t seeing your business as they scroll, tweet, and snap – they’re probably seeing your competitor’s.  Even if you think you have a grip on social media marketing, outsourcing your social work, or investing in a little training from an outside source can be a boon to your business by freeing up your time and injecting some new life into your digital presence.

Investing in social = a guaranteed presence

This one’s a no-brainer: paying for posts means you will always have fresh content on your social channels. So, while you may not be ready to devote the time and effort to a new website, or logo, keeping your social media accounts fresh and engaging will make your business feel brand new.

Unless you’re a maniac, you probably won’t have the time

While you are busy creating an awesome product, or dishing out amazing service, potential customers are everywhere, just scroll ... scroll ... scrolling. There are some who can manage one or two robust social sites for their business while running the front end, the back end, and managing employees—but that probably isn’t you. If I’d guess, you are scheduling a few dry tweets or Facebook posts a week, with moderate engagement. However, your audience is on social ALL THE TIME.

Wrds on socl r imprtnt 2

If you would hire a writer for other marketing-related projects, then you will likely need someone with similar skills for social. If you think it’s embarrassing to have jumbled, confusing, misspelled copy on your website, brochure, or other material, just imagine how bad it looks when its being streamed straight to your potential customer base in seconds. 

Fresh eyes create fresh posts

You know your product or service inside and out. In fact, you may know it so well that you’re boring the hell out of everyone when you post about it. Managing all your social media alone is kind of like making all of your own clothes. Sure, you can do it – you know exactly the way you want your clothes to fit, the colors you like best, and even the styles you want to wear. OR, you can go to a store—and discover that you don’t have to spend all that time behind the sewing machine, the store carries clothes in colors you never even knew you liked, and that style you thought you wanted? It’s so dated that they don’t even carry it anymore.

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